What is well read?

Well Read provides developmental editing for artists, scholars, writers, and all-around doers. We work on statements, essays, applications, articles, chapters, dissertations, book manuscripts, and more. Basically, anything that you need done from scanning to scrutinizing is fair game.


The ultimate goal of Well Read is to get your project where it needs to be—whether that means getting it out of the idea stage, getting it past your committee, getting funded, getting published, visited, read, collected, or whatever. Hit us up and we’ll get started.

$$$ and Other Details

Well Read is very familiar with the tight budgets of scholars, artists, and makers in general. Whether you're a student in the idea stage or a corporation in the heat of final drafts, we translate the unique needs of your project into an affordable solution.


Who is well read?

Kemi Adeyemi is Well Read. Out of the PhD program in Performance Studies at Northwestern University, Kemi is skilled in the language of the Humanities and Social Sciences, especially when it comes to ethnic studies, gender and sexuality studies, sound studies, and urban studies. Her developmental work extends across a broad range of fields, however, as she’s worked on exhibition catalogs and artist statements, residency and grant fellowships, graphic novels, television scripts, and more.

Time to get well read?